Founder's Story: Living with a Skin Disorder

These are not pretty photos to look at. 

But I want to show the truth about my own skin, which is a big part of how this all began. Snow Fox is more than a business to me, as I depend on this system to manage each day. As you can see, my skin was very visibly terrible at the height of my disorder. People stared and made comments. I'll never forget how much that hurt. To this day, I still feel insecure and paranoid sometimes, even as I continue to share my old photos in public. 

I've struggled with skin issues on and off throughout my entire life, but in the picture below, it had lasted three years. I'd tried everything from topical/oral antibiotics, dermatologists, ointments, lasers, naturopathy, holistic therapies and countless products promising fixes, but none of it worked long term and I was desperate. I look "cured" now but it has been a long, strict journey - one I will happily document in detail (and truthfully) in the next couple of weeks. 

*unedited, except for cropping to size 

According to research, Rosacea patients are 5 times more likely to suffer depression than normal. It's not about vanity - skin disorders can really effect mental health. Until modern medicine can figure out the exact cause and cure, Rosacea skin disorder patients like me will have to make do with management. 

Snow Fox Skincare began as an effective routine to heal, maintain and manage. To do so, it had to be potent and it had to be completely clean of irritants. 

While Snow Fox is a relief for sensitive skin, it gives amazing results for otherwise normal skin. 

As I write this, my team and I are continuing to expand on our product ranges - each month, our ultra clean formulas are becoming more complex, more sophisticated and more potent. We've listened to feedback and requests. 

Thank you so much for coming onto our site, supporting a small Indie brand, choosing to go cruelty-free with your skincare and of course, reading about us.

You can follow our Snow Fox IG @snowfoxskincare for an in-depth description of how to use our Snow Fox products most efficiently to keep that skin glowing! Or, you can follow me @phoebe.spamonkeys to see what my team and I are up to and how I use Snow Fox in daily life. 

Phoebe Song
Founder, Snow Fox Skincare 

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