Limited Edition: A Traveller's Kit

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A travel kit unlike any other.

It’s for that much needed week of vacation. Or for those constant business trips.

Either way, we know all about the wonders and struggles of travel. From the dryness inside the plane, temperature changes in a new country to a limited luggage allowance – there’s nothing as exciting or as tiring as travel. But like all travellers, you know that your constant journeys enrich the soul.

Here’s what’s inside:

A travel size Soothing Facial Mousse (30ml), with twist cap for easy open/pump/close (no pesky lids)

2 pcs of the Artic Breeze Detox Cooling Mask, for a once-a-week skin detox

7 sachets of Day/Night Defense Cream, designed for carry-on & topping up while flying (it gets dry up there!)

A mirror attached in the booklet (just stand it up when you need to use it)

The pouch can easily fit make up, tooth brushes, tooth paste, shavers, cotton balls and whatever else you need. The booklet keeps the masks from getting squished, so don’t worry about keeping all your toiletries in one bag!